At work we are currently developing clips for phonetics to help students study the phonemes and all the theory of phonetics. The clips can also help them studying for the exam. Since the next exam is coming quite soon, I made a clip about allophonic length. For this clip I used the programme PowToon. I first made the clip in Moovly, but I could not find a way to export the clip once it was ready, quite frustrating! So now I have made the clip in Powtoon, which was a programme many of my students experimented with during the course Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) last year. It is more user-friendly than Moovly although both programmes can do more or less the same. The tricky thing is to get the timing of the slides right, but then the rest is basically just like making Power Point slides. My next challenge is to embed the video here… let’s see. In case it does not work, you can watch my first clip here.

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