Five minute activity with video input (tip clip)

Looking for a quick and easy activity to introduce a topic or to end your lesson with?Schermafbeelding 2014-04-15 om 13.42.20

Have a look at these short and attractive video clips on You Tube. In 59 seconds you get a handy or funny tip with an explanation in clear English, for instance this one about ‘how to wake up feeling great’.

Find the link to this clip here: (How to wake up feeling great).

Lesson idea:

  1. Ask students how they usually wake up. Do they feel fit or not? When do they fel most fit? What affects this, e.g. the alarm clock or the season influence.
  2. Ask student to watch the clip and compare the tip to their own experience.
  3. After watching, ask students to retell the information, using their own words and using similar visualisation as in the clip. Let students prepare and practise in pairs, if necessary. Let a few students demonstrate their explanation of the technique in front of class.
  4. As a cool down activity, discuss if the tip could work for them and ask some guinea pigs who will try out the technique and report back to class next time.
  5. Possible follow-up: ask pupils to make a similar clip for a tip. Can they explain how something works (better) in 59 seconds? Have students think of a suitable tip that can easily be visualised, e.g. how to bake a pancake, how to plant a tree. Stimulate the pupils to use simple, effective visualisation like in the example clip.

For more similar clips with tips (e.g. secret persuasion mind trick of test your empathy) simply check In59seconds‘ clips, which you can find under related videos, or click here:

Schermafbeelding 2014-04-15 om 13.41.36

59 Seconds also has a wordpress blog, see here.