Like vs Dislike – Making correction work more fun

Yesterday my friend gave me these great gadgets to help me check the almost constant piles of work on my desk. Let’s hope it will make my correction work more fun and students will go for the blue stamp, which is the one I look forward to using most, of course! Students and pupils alike do work harder for simple incentives like these and it doesn’t always have to be sweets as a reward for an accomplishment, right? At least this way they enjoy the positive feedback more than a simple ‘okay’ or ‘pass’.

If you’re interested in buying these teachers’ gadgets yourself, you may still find them at the shop Action in the Netherlands. They can also be ordered online, for a slightly higher price. Simply Google ‘like dislike stamps’ and you’ll find some addresses.

Enjoy your correction while you’re at it! Someone’s got to do it and at least you are paid for it.