IMG_8203_2I took a CD-rom from the British Council stand at the IATEFL in Glasgow last year. This CDrom takes you to a website where you can find a pre-reading task, a fictional text, audiorecording of the text and some post-reading tasks.

The materials with stories that I have checked so far all follow the same procedure:


  1. Before you read the story, do an activity that tests your knowledge of artists
  2. Read the story
  3. Do a comprehension activity
  4. Do a vocabulary activity

 Listen to the story

  • Download story with activities (pdf 96kb)
  • Download story (pdf 62kb)

A great way to see how key words are filtered out before reading a story, which is something my students often find hard to get completely right when they have to make a lesson plan for a reading or listening lesson.

Unfortunately the link above only works with the CDrom, so here are direct links to some of the stories and the preparation and tasks:

For mor see menu ‘Relevant content’ in the right margin on the page.


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