New blog! (post-IATEFL resolutions)

foto-1Today I spent some time retrieving all the relevant and useful entries from my old blog on posterous to this new one, as posterous is closing down at the end of this month. Quite a bit of work, but very useful to have another look at my collection of weblinks and ideas, some of which I forgot about. I have not checked if all links still work, but I will do so later. For now I’d like to focus on the new ideas and materials I took home from last week’s IATEFL in Liverpool, which was another great week of learning, exchanging, socialising, familiarizing, etc. Many of the plenary sessions and talks have been broadcast live on iatefl online and they are still available to watch here:

Don’t forget to watch the closing plenary by Roger McGough: sit back and relax! See

I plan to report on the best talks and workshops that I attended in my next blog post. I am also thinking about sending in a speaker proposal for next year’s IATEFL. Before doing so, I will reread this post for sure:

For now, one of Roger McGough’s poems on school, which he recited brilliantly during the closing plenary:


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